Raja B
Founder Director, Technology
M: +917899403383
W: http://bizsilicon.skynova.io

Technology development

Bizsilicon is a B2C electronics IP development company focused on providing products & services to the Asia Pac & the US. Eager to build a team of founders guiding the development & selling of next generation products & services.


Skills: VLSI, Software, Hardware, Circuit design

Our Services

We have the following engineering product expertise as part of our setup. 

Physical design implementation 

Custom digital circuits 

Timing analysis & STA 

Mixed signal IC design 

RTL signoff & systems design 

CAD tools development

Products & Services

We provide product and IP development from back end to front end design work for SoC chip design. Current product samples include mixed signal/custom digital EDA solutions, physical design, Security IP (all kinds), ECC's, wireline/wireless IC's for product & design engineering. If you have any interesting projects, contact us to develop it catering to your business needs.

The following positions are open for suitable employment

6 months contract for software design and development

Senior Digital design Engineer

Mixed signal circuit design engineer

Layout engineer.

Please send your resume in word format to the email address: grajabrian747@gmail.com


We are actively looking for bright folks involved in business and technology. If you are creative, independent and have the sales acumen, then you are the right fit for Biz-silicon.