Raja B Bizsilicon Founder Director, Technology 

M: +917899403383 W: http://bizsilicon.skynova.io Looking to make profits in excess of $10-20 M in a span of 2 years. We have a solid business model & have been laying out a strategy to create a technology revolution in the semiconductor sector. Biz-silicon is looking to imprint its presence in 3-4 countries including S Korea, Singapore & the US. Currently operating from India, we are developing some of the finest products the globe has ever seen.

Biz-silicon is a Bangalore (India) based product startup focused on developing AI based security. We are looking to collaborate with the finest startups in Asia Pac & the US.

Selling Intel Corp & Motorola for $10 to the public, all employees will receive a share of 0.01 cent as wages for their service. We are ready to initiate talks only with the boards of companies inclined towards collaboration for better results and customer satisfaction.

Mission statement: To lead the human mankind in the globe in providing revolutionary technological solutions. We have some of the complex semiconductor problems solved with our best in class innovative solutions. Come join us in leading the globe in advancing technology for the betterment of humanity.

The reason for forming Biz-silicon is to lead,guide & develop some of the finest cutting edge technologies in the world. Biz-silicon is focused on serving the people & provide solutions in the form of technology. Currently focused on semiconductors, we are looking to build the leaders of tomorrow. The founder has himself worked with companies like Sun, Intel & Altera Corp.

Biz-silicon is a stealth mode technology start-up focused on providing solutions & services to the Asia Pac & the US. We are offering the following services as part of our setup. We are looking for talented folks in AI, machine learning, Vehicle analytics & IC physical design. We are currently sampling ZigBee & IOT gateway devices catering to automotive applications.

  1. Processor circuit design
  2. Mixed signal circuit design
  3. AMS modeling

Areas: AI based security.

We are looking to build a culturally diverse team of 5-6 people by year end, if you are anywhere in the globe & want to be involved in business and technology you are welcome. You are creative, independent and have the sales acumen & looking to get involved in world beating technology. Looking for a team of co-founders to be involved in all phases of development,design,engineering,operations & strategy.